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Prioritizing and Budgeting Overview

Throughout the planning process, priorities, redundancies and reality checks will naturally occur. However, in the fourth step, you will want to collaborate and negotiate with your team to define the priorities of your programs, services and new initiatives. This is a very important process because existing and new human and fiscal resources need to be aligned to the highest priority objectives and goals. In prioritizing your objectives, you may find it more fruitful to drop low priority objectives and focus planning and assessment efforts on fewer objectives that are more strategically aligned to the University and that will have a greater impact on your department and UVU. 

It is also important to consider whether or not your department has the necessary resources to achieve an objective and its supporting goals. If not, then a budget request can be made through the Planning, Budget and Assessment (PBA) cycle which begins in the fall, with approved funding allocated the following fiscal year (July, 1st). For more information about the PBA process, visit